About Eziglass

30 Years Strong!   It all started in the early eighties with an old clapped out boat, a book on how to fibreglass and $100 worth of resin and fibreglass matting.  Spawning from a weekend project, to an additive hobby and then to a full fledged business, Paul Trani registered Ezi-Glass in 1989 with a commitment to improve the reputation of Fibre-Composite Industry, which had been long tarnished by bad workmanship and high charges.

With this as the foundation, Ezi-Glass has established a well-known solid name in the industry to deliver the highest quality fibreglass components and uncompromised service to their customers.

In 1986 commencing work for Peter Brock and HDT and later with Austech Automotive, Paul created new horizons to direct his newfound passion as a business servicing the automotive race & drag way niches.   As business grew and as the natural progression, Ezi-Glass began to diversify it’s service offer to extend to the motorcycle, marine, general fibreglass and mold making areas.

Since Ezi-Glass’s inception, Paul has completed a number of courses in Advanced Fibre-Reinforced Plastics with RMIT, provided continued supply to many body kit, car accessory and caravan businesses with thousands of fiberglass components, repaired over 100 boats, built hundreds of detailed composite tools and taken on many major specialized fibreglass projects.

For last 30 years Paul has honed his skills and trained his team to produce some of the highest quality parts, tools and repairs known in the industry.

After 30 years, Eziglass is no longer open and our products are no longer available.   The Eziglass business is currently for sale, so if you have an interest, please reach out via the contact page.