By using information or purchasing products from Ezi-Glass Pty. Ltd, the user explicitly agrees to the following conditions.

Information & Products
Ezi-Glass Pty. Ltd. carries no responsibility for the use or misuse of any product or information that is published on, or sold directly or indirectly through this website, or for any injury, damage or financial loss sustained to persons or property as a result of using any information or product contained on this website.  The liability, negligence or otherwise, or from any use, misuse, or abuse of the operation of any methods, strategies, instructions, equipment, products or ideas contained on, or distributed by any add-on service to this website, or any linked supporting website, is the sole responsibility of the user.

Road Registered Vehicles
Our automotive fibreglass products are only intended for motor sport and track use, although many of our body kits and fibreglass panels can be fitted to road registered vehicles or can be modified to fit.   If the user chooses to fit any of our products to a road registered vehicle, then the user may be doing so with non-compliance to respective laws governing this area, and furthermore knowing that no liability, express or implied, will ever be accepted by Ezi-Glass Pty. Ltd. for this action.

Body Kit & Panel Fitment
All automotive components must be pre-fitted before painting.  Our components do fit well, however no guarantee is given.  Even the best fitting parts need minor adjustment to ensure a perfect fit.  Pre-fitting of parts is standard requirement in the automotive fibreglass industry.   It is solely the responsibility of the product owner to ensure that this is carried out before the surface preparation and painting stages.

Using Fibreglass
Our website and supporting websites linking to us may refer to the use of certain chemicals, materials and equipment which can pose a risk to your safety.  This should be carried out by individuals who are trained in these areas.  Unprotected exposure to materials such as fibreglass matting, resins & related chemicals have been known to cause health and safety issues such as, but not limited to, skin, lung, liver and eye problems.  In extreme cases some of these chemicals have been known to cause permanent loss of eyesight.  It is the users responsibility to wear appropriate personal protective equipment to minimise risk of injury while engaging in these type of activities.  Fire and fume hazards need to be considered when using fibreglass chemicals.  It is recommended that the user refers to the product material safety data sheet (MSDS) and your product supplier for further hazard information before using any materials.

After 30 years, Eziglass is no longer open and our products are no longer available.   The Eziglass business is currently for sale, so if you have an interest, please reach out via the contact page.